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Four files have customization options:

  • ProjectDiablo.cfg
  • UI.ini
  • ddraw.ini
  • loot.filter (can be renamed)

These files are in the ProjectD2 directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\ProjectD2). They can be edited with any text editor, although the editor may need to be run in administrator mode.

Once a filter is selected from the launcher, loot.filter will link to the selected filter file instead of being used itself - it will be in the filters subfolder and can have a custom name.


This configuration file contains the bulk of customization options that affect gameplay. Many hotkeys can be set here using standard virtual-key codes. It's essentially a more comprehensive version of the in-game Settings menu, containing most of those options and more.

Customized Screen Info
Customized Screen Info

Some examples of the available options:

  • Reload Config - hotkey to reload loot filter changes
  • Screen Info Configuration - determines how the info in the upper right corner is displayed. Use %REALTIME% command to show your local time on screen info.
  • Gamefilter Configuration - determines how fast the game list refreshes, and whether difficulty & server is shown
  • Bnet Configuration - determines whether game name/password/description are autofilled
  • Party Configuration - hotkeys for auto-party (join/invite others) and auto-loot (permission to loot corpse)


This file describes where the Settings menu is displayed in-game.


This file has options for adjusting video and compatibility settings, such as fullscreen, resolution, or CPU affinity.

Within this file you can also define which shader you want to use. For differences between each shader, see: Shader Comparison

Step-by-Step Instructions for High-Resolution Windowed Mode

- Make sure you have unchecked the Windowed Mode (-w) in the launcher options

- Locate the configuration file "ddraw.ini" in the "ProjectD2" folder under your "Diablo II" path installation. Right click on the .ini file and edit it with your favorite notepad/code editor.

- Set your window width and height at numbers you desire (for example Full HD = 1920x1080):

; Stretch to custom resolution, 0 = defaults to the size game requests
  • In case you have, at the end of the file, additional lines for width and height - set them to the same values as above

- Set option "fullscreen" to false

; Override the width/height settings shown above and always stretch to fullscreen
; Note: Can be combined with 'windowed=true' to get windowed-fullscreen (borderless)

- Set "windowed" to true

; Run in windowed mode rather than going fullscreen

- [Optionall] Set "maxgameticks=-1"

; Run the game with max fps and not capped at 60-70 ish

- Start the game and enjoy your new resolution setting

NOTICE: If you would like to see your window borders - set height of the window to lower value than 1080, for example 1020. Height and width values are in pixels and You can set them to however values you like, but avoid to put values large than 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios.


This file controls how loot is displayed and whether any items should be hidden completely. By default, there are no custom rules for filtering items.

Filters can be selected from the launcher and enabled via the in-game Settings menu.

To install manually, download a filter file and save it to Diablo II\ProjectD2\local and then select it from the launcher. Make sure the relevant in-game settings are enabled. If you want to edit a filter yourself, the Item Filtering page is a comprehensive reference.

In-Game Settings

In-Game Settings
Settings menu

The Settings menu can be accessed in-game from the lower left corner. Hotkeys can be set for each option.

These two options are not affected by lootfilters:

  • Always Show Items: shows items on the ground without needing to hold alt
  • Always Show Item Stat Ranges: shows ranges in item tooltips for variable attributes

The following options enable simple rules for changing how certain items are displayed. Except for the tooltip changes made by Show Item Level, they'll be overwritten if Enable Loot Filter is checked.

  • Show Item Level: adds item levels such as (L99)
    • adds ILVL to tooltips for all items
    • adds ALVL to tooltips for magic/rare/crafted items unless ALVL = ILVL
  • Show Ethereal: adds (Eth)
  • Show Sockets: adds sockets such as (4)
  • Show Rune Numbers: adds rune numbers such as [33]
  • Alt Style: uses different style for Ethereal, Item Level, and Rune Number options
  • Color Mod: rune numbers are colored (1-10 white, 11-16 tan, 17-22 orange, 23-33 red)
  • Shorten Names: shortens potion/scroll names

These are the main options that affect custom filtering:

  • Enable Loot Filter: enables the filter
  • Drop Notifications: shows notifications when specified items drop
  • Close Notifications: shows notifications when getting close to specified items
  • Detailed Notifications: makes notifications match the displayed item name
  • Verbose Notifications: adds "drop" or "close" to the notification (overridden by Detailed Notifications)

Filter Level: changes which rules/notifications will be enabled within the filter

The default hotkey to reload the filter file is Numpad 0 and can be changed in the configuration file.

List of Public Filters

The Filter column has links for each filter's github page where you can read more about them. Many authors also list their discord handles if you'd like to contact them. Filters updated for the current season are highlighted green. Older filters are highlighted red.

Dates are not updated automatically, so check the link for each to see when they've actually been updated.

Filter Updated Author Brief Description
eqN's PD2 Filters 2024-04-18
(Season 9)
eqNj A refined filter with several tiers (Relaxed, Medium, Strict, and ShowRecipes) designed for beginners and veterans alike. Every level is tailored to ensure anything of use always shows based on your class and progress. Useful info about items is in descriptions: Defense range, weapon speed/range, max sockets, runewords, and if an item is of high value. All runes and uniques notify on drop. Valuable items are made easy to see and pick up. Sockets, superior ED %, and staffmods show in item names. Crafting bases are marked/notified. Detailed recipes, runewords, and crafting info is available by switching to the ShowRecipes filter level.
Kryszard's PD2 Loot Filter 2024-04-17
ver 9.0.7
Filter should suit most players needs - It's good for both: leveling and endgame experience. You'll find more info on my GitHub
Reddit discussion thread: Kryszard's PD2 Loot-Filter - Discussion Thread
Feather 2024-04-08 BetweenWalls This filter is less strict than most and has all the usual improvements, so it's ideal for new players. It's also great for experienced players who like the simple aesthetic of the original game. Multiple strictness levels are available to help the filter better match your preferences.
Kassahi's Filter 2024-16-09
(Season 9)
Kassahi Also Blame onion For Everything !!!
HiimFilter 2024-04-11
(Season 9)
Has an ring & amulet pts system to show value. Levels that cover season reset to End Game loot filter. Shows many important stats when the item is on the ground. Utilizes the filter levels functionality. Has helpful hints to new to PD2 players on what to do. Has LLD tags to know what is valuable to the LLD community. Has LLD specific Rung Amulet and Jewel pts grading system. See the readme for many more features!
TalRasha's PD2 Item Filter 2023-10-01
(Season 8)
talrasha#4179 Updated for Season 8. Highlights good items in bright colors and adds design elements to names. Shows crafting recipes on magic/rare items and maps. Reveals names of most uniques and sets unidentified.
Erazure's PD2 Loot Filter 2024-04-08
(Season 9)
Discord: erazure
- Highly stylized, visually polished loot filter with customizable strictness; Valuable items and high runes display and notify with a splash of color on the screen; Distinct intuitive symbols for maps, charms, runes, gems, jewels, potions, and more!
- Features four different tiers of filter levels (excellent for ladder resets, midgame leveling/farming, as well as endgame mapping); Players have the ability to select what kind of potions to show or hide on demand (e.g. choose a filter level subtier to hide H5, M5, or Rejuvenation potions)
- For more information, check out my GitHub or message on Discord: Erazure#5126
PiLLLa PD2 Filter 2023-10-02
(Season 8)
PiLLLa#2972 When you visit my github, you can see updated Information. If you have any other idea for filter, let me know that by discord and reddit. Thanks
<Normal1:Recommended/Base filter> <Normal2/4:Different Color&Symbol> <Normal3:Different Filter level>.
Wolfie's Filters 9999-12-31 WolfieeifloW#6431 Always updated for the newest season! Multiple versions to fit any style - Detailed/Revealed/Compact for less strict, Wolfie for stricter, BT for strictest. Shows/pings all Sets, Uniques, Runes, etc.
Join my Discord for questions or more info!
RetroCro's Loot Filter 2023-09-21 RetroCro#7154 Ladder Reset to End Game mapping loot filter. Shows the identified names of set and unique items. Set your desired strictness in game!
Dauracul's Loot Filter 2024-04-09
(Season 9)
Dauracul Clean and informative lootfilter, focused on attribute and item management notes (socket counts, weapon speed, cube recipes, automod/staffmod rolls, runeword recipes, etc.). Runeword recipes are divided into Filter Levels and displayed on all normal bases with sockets. Most high value items will trigger notifications.
ADevDH 2023-09-28 ADevelopment,
PD2 All-Purpose Early-Late Game Filter Focuses on Updated Item Tiering + Map Tiering/Immunities + Highlights Jewels and Other Items for GG Stats. Includes all Crafting/Socket Bases you'll ever need! Low Overall Strictness! Filters out the garbage though!
Archived Filters
Filter Updated Author Description
TheIrateSeagoer's Loot Filter 2023-03-04 TheIrateSeagoer
This filter has all of the values from Arreat Summit listed on the equipment, ensuring you always know the max sockets/max defense of any piece of equipment (with ilvl specific information). Every magic item has the rune needed for the crafting recipes in preparation for their use in season 2. Runes are colored by the difficulty they start to drop in. Every set and unique is alerted by default at low levels. Armors are marked with a perfect and good suffix for their base armor roll. Perfect rolls are denoted with purple information, red denote good rolls.
Equa1ity's PD2 Filter 2022-07-11 equa1ity#7704 ADD RACE LEAGUE FILTER, rewriting for S5 Many improvements!
ElPocoBurrito's Filter 2021-12-23 ElPocoBurrito#0001 S4 Ready A heavily modified version of Wolfie's "Wolfie" filter tailored to be filled with features including some which are absent from many others (like telling you the set name next to the set drop). My philosophy is to be slightly strict and to keep somewhat vanilla looking item names with few exceptions (I make sure to have rare and valuable items stand out). Please give me feedback and comments on discord through DMs or the #lootfilter channel.
1l4u's Loot Filter 2021-08-12 1l4u Update for season 3. Super strict end game filter.
Baneazy's Loot Filter 2021-08-06 Baneazy A good filter from beginning to end game. It's mostly tailored toward end game but should taper items off from Normal to Hell.
scrollsjay's Loot Filter 2021-04-01 scrollsjay This Loot Filter uses Kryszard's PD2 Loot-Filter for most of it's filter rules. Most changes allow for a briefer appearance of basic items to present a unified look. Full details with screenshots at the github repository. Contact me via here
Gothablo's Loot Filter 2021-03-16 Gothablo It is a filter based on the code "Kryszard's PD2 Loot Filter". The main changes are aesthetic elements, but there are a few changes added from me. From the beginning of the game to END GAME, items that we do not need or are of little value are removed. All MAGIC and RARE items should be and identified to check if they are worth to the trader. In addition, the filter code can be easily changed by yourself.
Pj's Loot Filter 2020-12-07 Pj#5884 Pretty strict end-game loot filter. Based loosely on Kryszard's filter with a lot of changes. Hides all normal and exceptional stuff, only shows top-end elite items. Shows all set/unique items but only alerts on exceptional/elite versions. Hides tons of garbage. Only shows full rejuvs/super potions. Heavily commented for clarity. Work in progress, check back frequently for updates.
Luke's late game filter 2020-11-24 Luke My late game filter i updated on fly. No leveling rules. Good as reference if you want to write your own filter. Filter has been updated to be less hostile. Make sure you check for sets, bases, magic and rares. It's not recommended to use it without checking :) (fix all res on paladin shields, show light elite chests (0,3,4 os) 10+ed, show all eth chests (0,3,4 os) 5+ed) Thanks to WolfieeifloW.
PD2 Loot Filter
2020-11-19 Lhaete A filter that preserves the games original aesthetic, and shows Runeword recipes & Magic Crafting recipes on items!
In-Game Screenshots
Rinku's Loot Filter 2020-11-11 Rinku#1352 A basic filter that hides clutter and shows item info at a glance, not much customization, just some QOL :) Definitely not for everyone but I thought I'd share.

Some tools are available on the Guides and Links page that may be useful when editing filters.


This section lists common issues and frequently asked questions about filters.

  1. Which is the best filter for me?
    • There isn't a "best" filter. Different filters are made for different reasons, and vary in terms of how strict they are with the items they show or notify, how much and what kind of extra information they provide, and how they alter the appearance of items. It's difficult to make recommendations without knowing what you're looking for in a filter and people may not be familiar with more than a few filters, so comparing filters yourself may be the best way to find a filter that suits you.
  2. What's the best way to compare different filters?
    • Filters usually include descriptions about how strict they are, what features they have, and how items are displayed. Some even include example images. If that isn't enough, FilterBird can be used to compare most items between filters one-at-a-time, and singleplayer can be used with an item pack and local filter so that the filter can be altered and reloaded in-game to compare any number of items.
  3. If I want to use a customized filter, how do I save my changes?
    • Put the customized filter into ProjectD2\filters\local and select it from "Local" in the launcher. Local filters won't be updated automatically, so if yours is based on a public filter, you may want to follow that filter in case any important changes are made to it.
  4. How do I turn off the filter or go back to original?
    • The filter can be turned off by disabling Enable Loot Filter in the in-game settings. To reset everything to default, close the game and launcher, delete the filters folder as well as default.filter and loot.filter in the ProjectD2 folder, and then relaunch the game.
  5. How do I use a filter with PlugY?
    • The same filter configuration you have for multiplayer will also be used for singleplayer. The filter configuration is updated when the game is opened from the launcher - select a filter from the launcher and press Play in order to update it. This also updates the filter itself if you're using a non-local version. Afterward, close the game/launcher and open the game with PlugY.
  6. Will a loot filter from older seasons work in the current season?
    • Unless the older filter was extremely simple, it will likely behave in unexpected and undesireable ways. Using an outdated filter is not recommended.
  7. My settings button is gone
    • Close the game & launcher, delete UI.ini, and then relaunch the game to return the settings button to its default position.
  8. My launcher shows no filters in the list
    • Close the launcher and re-open it. Repeat if they still don't show or if the server/GitHub is down. Also, try whitelisting the launcher and game in your antivirus and/or firewall.
  9. My launcher says "Coming Soon!" for item filters
  10. My filter isn't working
    • Make sure the in-game settings are setup correctly.
    • Use the launcher to select your filter. If you don't use the launcher, these may be common issues:
      • Having two PD2 installations and pasting your filter into the wrong one
      • Saving the filter file with the wrong name (e.g. default.filter.filter, default.txt, or default.filter.txt)
      • Having a PD2 installation inside of a Diablo II folder which is inside another Diablo II folder (folderception!)
      • Not saving and closing the filter file after pasting rules into it
  11. My filter is displaying strange characters for certain items
    • Certain special characters will only be displayed correctly if your filter file is encoded in ANSI rather than the default of UTF-8. Most text editors will allow the encoding to be modified - for example, Notepad++ includes "Encoding" as one of the primary menu options.